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Although it may seem big, New York City is a small space shared by many different living and non-living species. A place where environments come together and a mutual relationship is created between people, places and things and a symbiosis is formed. One of the main issues with having so many different individuals in one small space is the amount of waste produced. Since humans, especially ones in New York, are creatures of habit, we use the same things everyday, creating the same waste everyday. This collection is a way of illustrating the waste that we produce on a regular basis in a colorful, graphic, and easily digestible way. For example, one design contains a motif with a broken cigarette and the phrase “Break Time,” a play on words to relate how cigarettes are something one would smoke during a break, to a way of showing the need to break these bad habits. This build up of things we use and dispose of everyday forms a pattern of garbage that is in its own way, iconic. New York has now become a city that within itself has formed a cycle of these iconic objects becoming iconic garbage, and this is a collection to showcase that cycle.

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